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What you need to know about the R-410A refrigerant Phase-Out

It's fairly common knowledge that cooling systems like your refrigerator or AC use refrigerant to do the cooling. What most might not know is that refrigerants come in different types. Some examples of this are R-134A, R-600A, and R-410A. R-410A though, is slowly making its way out the door. In September 2021, the EPA released a plan to reduce consumption of HFCs, the chemicals that make up R-410A, and starting next year, in 2025, R-410A will be prohibited to use in new refrigeration units.

Why is R-410A being phased-out?

As we mentioned above R-410A is made of HFCs, or Hydroflurocarbons. When R-410A was first being used as a replacement for R-22, a CFC or Chlorofluorcarbons, we did so as we found CFCs to be a contributor to ozone depletion. HFCs like R-410A have no effect on ozone but have been found to be a major source of green house gas. In an effort to be more ecologically friendly, the EPA has begun the phasing-out of HFCs.

What does this mean for existing R-410A units?

The short answer is, nothing initially. This plan is merely a phase-out of R-410A in the US, meaning currently owned systems can still be repaired and recharged as needed. That being said as time passes, parts and refrigerant will start being harder to come by as more units are replaced and stock dwindles.

Does this mean R-410A units should be replaced?

Again, the short answer is no. While resources will start to become harder to find the EPA is aware that this is a process. Currently the plan is to be free of R-410A units, and subsequently the refrigerant itself, by 2036. We here at Royal will continue to be available to repair and recharge your R-410A units until such time as we are unable, but if parts do become unavailable we are also available to help you purchase and replace your units to the newer R-32 and R-454B charged units. Please contact us at (719) 546-0442 if you have any issues with your current unit or wish to get a quote on a new unit.

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