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The 20 Degree Rule, why your AC might seem to be doing poorly.

We've talked about maintaining and getting the most out of your air conditioning on this blog before. Now we should talk about the realities of just how far you can push your AC.

Residential air conditioning systems don't actually add cold air to your house. What it actually does is take the hot air in your house, run it over copper tubing and capturing the heat, and then cycling the cooler air back into your home. Due to the processes involved it leaves ACs with a bit of a drawback. It can only remove so much heat from the air.

This is where the 20 Degree Rule comes in. Roughly speaking, ACs can only remove about 20 degrees of heat. So let's say it's 90 degrees in your home, in the best case scenario your AC is only going to be able to get it down to around 70 degrees or so.

Now there are some things you can do to help facilitate this process and maybe get things a little cooler. The first is extra fans. By turning on fans around your house, you help move that cooler air around. The next step is to keep your house as sealed as possible. Keep windows and doors closed to help block more heated air from coming in. Finally keep your filters clean or change them every 3 months or so depending on how dirty they are.

If you do find that your AC is performing poorly or not working at all, please call Royal Electrical at (719) 546-0442 and we can schedule you as soon as possible for a service technician to come out and diagnose the issue.

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