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New or Used? What to do when your appliances can't be saved

As a repair company we truly want to do everything in our power to fix any appliance issues you may have. Unfortunately that's not always possible. Maybe the damage is too severe and would cost way more then the value of the unit. Maybe the manufacturer has discontinued support and parts are no longer available. Whatever the case may be we're going to discuss a few general guidelines on finding a replacement.

Why buying new could be a good option?

So you've had your oven for many years and suddenly it's not powering on anymore. You call us at Royal, we come out, only to find that your control board has died and is no longer being made. Time to find a new one. With new appliances the biggest benefit is a new warranty. If anything should happen you'd at least have a year to fall back on and if you really want to ensure the longevity of your new unit most stores usually have an extended warranty option that in this day and age are becoming more and more necessary. Another good reason to look at something new is the look. Newer models of appliances are coming out all the time and with this comes different aesthetics that fit a wide variety of home decor. Lastly by buying new you have peace of mind that the unit hasn't been changed in some way that isn't part of the original design. What you getting hasn't been tinkered with or possibly fallen pray to a failed DIY project.

Why buying used could be a good option?

Now let's take that same oven example as before, but this time instead of new we talk about a used option. We've all heard the phrase they're not built like they used to, when it comes to appliances that can be a very real statement. Older appliances were built with more robust parts and thus usually have a longer life span. The average life of a new appliance these days is typically 2-5 years, whereas older models usually had a life span of about 5-10 years and could easily push past even that. On top of having a longer life span, older models tend to have better parts availability. A lot of older models had the same parts used in different models. What this did was create a large pool of one or two types of parts for a vast range of different models, making it easier to produce and thus easy to get. Finally by getting an older used unit you have less extraneous features. While an appliance that can do more is certainly attractive, it also comes with a price. The more features a unit has, the more failure points it has. Most older models were typically more simple, and because of this there wasn't nearly as many ways they could fail.

So what's the best option?

Ultimately, it all comes down to a personal decision. New or used both have their own pros and cons. Hopefully this article has helped give you some of the pros necessary to make a more informed decision. Whatever you decide, we at Royal are here to help in whatever way we can. If you need your new appliance installed or want us to look over a used replacement, please call us at (719) 546-0442.

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