Paul Villegas Electrical Department Manager
Paul is the Electrical Department Manager at Royal Electrical. He was the very first employee hire of Royal Electrical in December 1993 and has been with the company since. Paul has over 30 years worth of experience in the electrical services industry. His training came on-the-job with continuing education throughout his career. In his free time, Paul plays on the company softball and bowling teams. Paul appreciates the support that Pueblo and the surrounding communities have given us over the years. Email Paul;  paul@royalelectrical.com
The Electrical Department at Royal Electrical Services provides contracting and service for commercial and industrial businesses. We also perform consultation, design and building services for our commercial and industrial clients. Additionally, we provide residential service.
The Electrical Department consists of an automation engineer and electricians, all of whom are licensed apprentices, journeymen and master electricians.
The Royal Electrical Department handles the communications needs of our customers, including Telephone, Computer, Fiber Optic and CAT5. For our commercial and industrial clients, we manage and design communication projects using a computer-aided design system. This includes installation, maintenance and repair.
Facilities Management
We provide existing building and equipment upkeep services for our clients. This includes the following:

  • Preventative and general maintenance contracting
  • Facilities management and contracting
  • Changing light bulbs
    Checking air conditioners, heaters and facilities temperatures
  • Space utilization design to optimize the use of a facility’s space
  • Ergonomic design consultation, such as recommendations on lighting, table heights and decibel monitoring
  • Project management, using a computer-aided drafting system (CADS) for building layout consultation
  • Seen here is proof positive that Paul is computer literate despite vicious rumors. We know this is an old computer, but we are cautious to give him the good stuff.